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Alert - Lead Generated

After the Giveaway is delivered to the lead, an Alert is sent to the business that so and so has opted in for the Giveaway. This is sent as an email and text to the specified team member in the Businesses team.

 The key to this is that when they get the Alert, they call and follow up with the potential lead - Hey, I saw that you just downloaded this. If you have any questions I can put you in touch with the doctor/Broker/lawyer etc who is in charge here. Just let me know - do you have any questions ?

Introduce yourself and offer help. That's all you got to do, you don't need to pitch anything. But that is going to get you customers.

We are trying to get them on with somebody that can answer their questions personally. 80% of the time when they can get on the phone with the main person and get questions answered - they book an appointment and come thru the door - means they spend money.

This puts us in a position where we are converting business right away rather than just over time. We call right away - we don't need them to look at / read the guide before we reach out and ask them if they have any questions.

The whole point of the opt in is for them to raise their hand and say I've got this problem and I need help.

The Human Touch - The most important part of the funnel is when someone opts in, we can trigger an alert to get a human to reach out to them that is big.

We want to make sure that we deliver the thing that we promised. We want them to have that. We will make sure that they get this.

The key behind this is are we using our Automation to trigger a human to reach out to them, we can trigger an alert to get a human to reach out to them, that is big. That is how you turn it into business. 

The key is not sending follow up messages that are trying to get the prospect to pick their own phones up and call your office. The key is the Alert feature that gets the office to call the lead. That's where the money gets made. 

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