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Follow Up & Conversion Machine

Communicate with List to Build Relationship. Your first goal is to build your text & email list, and your second goal is to build a relationship with the people on that list. The way you do that is to continue communicating to your list.

The follow-up system will automatically send your prospects the messages you want to send them, when you want to send them. What makes money for your business, is that when your target audience opts-in and joins your list, there is a machine that is marketing to them without you having to intervene any further. 

For instance, when people opt in for your lead magnet, they give you their text & email address, so your follow-up system would immediately send them their very first text & email with a download link for their lead magnet. You could also add a link to subscribe to your podcast in that email as well.

In your follow-up system, you can also choose to have different messages scheduled to be sent out in the future. Perhaps two days later, they might get another email from you, and two days after that, they might get a text… You can add as many messages to be sent out as you like, and it will send them out automatically.

With the Follow-Up System, you can also send out broadcasts to your list, so instead of scheduling a bunch of automated, pre-created messages, you can also write time-specific messages as well. These messages might invite your prospects to an upcoming webinar, a product sale you’re having, or even an open house if you’re a local business.

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