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 Hero Page

General Concept

We are entering an age of Local Influence Marketing. The big influencer stuff that we see with Tik Tok, Youtube etc is starting to bleed down to the local level.

We want to give you - the local business owner the ability to appear that way too. It will be huge for your business and for your bottom line.

Goal of your Hero Page is to make you a STAR & Authority in your local market. It allows you to showcase and flex your expertise.

What is a “Hero Page”?

It is an advanced Digital Business Card that we put on a web page and make it public on the internet. It's like all the stuff that we want to cram on a business card, this is how we do it.

Focus is on the Individual. It sells the individual. This individual could be the main business owner or one of the key members of their team.

In a matter of seconds, the prospect gets to know, like and trust the hero. The prospect get's to see the Hero's picture, read a couple of sentences about the hero's story, understand the Hero's expertise, their team, their location, office hours and testimonials.

In addition, the Hero page provides some valuable giveaways that the prospect can immediately access and benefit from.

This causes an instant trust and bonding with the Hero. Prospects get to Know, Like and Trust the Hero.

Components of the Hero Page

Basically, the Hero Page is a one page website. It has the look and feel of a website. Because it puts the visitors in a place of comfort. And they are not going to feel like they landed on a sales page.

1. The "Hero" in their uniform looking back at you.

The first thing that you should see when you visit the site is the hero looking back at you. This is incredibly important. If we are really going to put this person into a position where they are going to sell without saying a word, meaning that it is the page that does it, you have to have them looking at you right away.

This is critically important. The difference when we do that for a business owner or a key person on their team versus just putting a website in front of people - the differences are substantial.

2. The Story of the "Hero"

The second piece of this is the story of the hero.

Why do we want the story of the hero on the page? Because when you start to hear a story about somebody, you start to identify with them. Stories Sell. Period. Stories Sell. So we need the story of our Hero. 

 3. The Hero's area of Expertise

The next thing is that we have to spell out the hero's area of expertise. Are they an expert in all of these different things they are involved in their field or are they an expert in some highly niche things within their niche.

Do you think it is important that we niche within the niche for our hero? They are not just a lawyer-they are a workers comp lawyer. They are not just a medical doctor-they are a medical doctor that focuses on the ears, nose and throat.

Nicheing within a niche on the hero page is incredibly important in converting the right people. In a sea full of people that do not specialize, those that specialize make a lot more money.

4. Hero provides Value in Advance

The Hero provides some valuable giveaways that the prospect can immediately access and benefit from.

These giveaways have a strong enough value proposition that will get the prospect to provide their contact info (name, email, phone #) in exchange for getting access to the giveaway.

This will allow the Hero and/or his team to follow up with the prospect and turn them into a paying customer. 

5. Hero's Team

The next item is the Hero's team. In this section, we highlight the team that supports the Hero in serving his customers.

 6. Social Proof

The next thing is this - you need other people explaining why the "Hero" is actually the Hero. Some of us call these Testimonials or Reviews. But we need other people explaining why the Hero is actually a Hero. We need the third party credibility.

So these are the main things that are incredibly important in branding a person as an expert - a rock star in their field - as the Hero that can come save the consumer.

What is the difference between a Business Web site and a Hero Page?

You are probably thinking, that my business already has a website, so why do I need a Hero page.

A Website Sells the Business - A Hero Maker Page sells the individual!!

A Hero Maker Page complements the Business website.

Now, there is nothing wrong with having a Business Website. Those are a must... You have to have a business website. You have to have something that puts your business in a positive light. The Hero Maker Page is not taking anything away from that.


We also need to make sure we SHOWCASE THE ROCKSTARS of the Business as well. That's where the "Hero Page" comes in to play. It amplifies what a website does for a business - it pours gasoline on the fire!!

Why is the “Hero Page” Effective?

We have to understand the psychology of sales-

Who do people want to buy from?
Do they want to buy from a Business OR do they want to buy from a person that they feel like they Know, Like and Trust?

If you’ve got to pick between the two, who do you want to buy from?
We all want to have a guy or a girl that is our law expert, our dental expert, our real estate expert, our auto expert, our favorite person at the hair salon and so on.

We all want a person that is like our contact. Would you agree with that? We all would much rather have our contact in an industry that we trust rather than - Oh, I know of a business that does what we need-let's roll the dice and try them out.

So we all want to buy from individuals. People buy people first. They do NOT buy services first, they have services that they need, but they buy the people that provide them. They need stuff, but they are not buying stuff, they are buying you and you just have to provide that stuff.

Puts a Face to your company.

People do business with people, not companies. People like doing business with People. H2H – Human to Human. Face to Face. Mano a Mano. Your prospects see your face-they bond to you quicker. Fastest way to get customers.
(Your prospects should start on previous line itself).

You need to have a FACE to your company. People can connect with a human being/personality. If you do not have a Face/Person, then you become a commodity, and people go off of price and features. If you have a Face & Personality, people will bond with you and get to Know, Like, Trust and Bond with you. This is the fastest way to make sales.

Beat the National Name Brand Companies
The Hero Page allows you to compete against the national companies, who are typically nameless and faceless and doing a mediocre job. Your Hero Page will easily match them or be better than them... your prospects can see you, meet your, shake your hand...and there is just no competing with that.

A company’s main website traditionally has to meet the agendas of different groups within the organization. As a result, it becomes too broadly focused and contains text that resembles corporate-speak more than marketing and sales language.

A Hero Site, on the other hand, can focus more easily on a specific topic, audience or action, and create an online experience that is more conducive to selling and persuasion.

For many reasons, speed is not a typical attribute of most IT departments. With a Hero Site, you can more quickly change offers, introduce events and switch text and images to take advantage of new opportunities.

Higher Conversion Rates

Test after test confirm that because Hero Sites are more focused, they typically produce higher conversions rates than a company’s general site.

This is one reason why Google, Facebook and others recommend landing pages. With the controlled, more personalized user environments, these pages can be used in keyword campaigns. Concentrated messages with limited choices simply produce more clicks.

A Safer Environment
A Hero Site allows you to test and experiment with brand positioning and marketing messages in ways one wouldn’t dare attempt on their corporate sites. Think of a Hero Site as a digital test market.

Viral Capabilities
It’s commonly accepted that most successful viral or word-of-mouth campaigns contain content that’s entertaining, irreverent and, in some ways, unexpected. Content like this tends to be more acceptable on Hero Sites than on corporate websites. This allows you to deliver more customized marketing messages tailored to your specific audience.

Image Protection
Producing especially good viral content or allowing public comments on your site can have its uncomfortable side as well. A Hero Site creates the perception of distance, or a digital firewall, between corporate and marketing activities. And, if things should go badly, it’s easier to pull a Hero site offline.

Search Engine Optimization

A thorough and detailed keyword analysis can be conducted and the Hero site tuned with those keywords. This allows one to tune and optimize the site well for that local target area. The corporate sites do not perform this level of local optimization.

Tracking & Measurement
You can track and measure the effectiveness of the Hero Site -
# Visitors – How much time are they spending on the site – What actions are they taking- How many leads did the site generate – How much sales did the site bring in. 

You control the entire visitor experience and, more importantly, the data – i.e. the website analytics and user information. You control the relationship better and own all the data – including email addresses, cell phone #’s, property address etc.

In the case of a corporate web site, they remain in total control of everything. Having all of your marketing eggs in someone else’s basket is not a good thing. 

So what does a Hero Page actually do to turn you into a Rockstar?

Somebody that somebody feels like they know, like and trust?

Simply Put...

It Tells their Story and Exhibits their Expertise...

All While Connecting a FACE to the Potential Customers.

I want you to pay special attention to that last section. Tells their story .. exhibits their expertise but it connects a Face to the Potential Customers.

You are delivering instant value and thus immediately starting a relationship. 


The past few years have seen an explosion of new marketing options. And other types of online destinations and mobile technologies are grabbing all the headlines.

However the fact is that there is nothing quite like the Hero Site to give you the amount of control, flexibility and speed required to succeed in your business. 

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