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Lead Generation

Be Lead Gen driven. A lead is essentially a potential customer who has expressed interest in your products or services. These individuals are the lifeblood of any business, as they represent the opportunity to make a sale and grow your revenue.

Lets discuss the importance of leads and how they can help a business achieve its goals. First and foremost, leads are critical to the growth of a business. Without leads, there are no potential prospects to convert into paying customers.

In order to grow a business, it is necessary to attract new customers, and leads provide a pipeline for doing so. Whether a business is looking to expand its customer base, launch a new product, or increase revenue, leads are the first step in achieving these goals.

In addition to driving growth, leads are also important for establishing credibility in the marketplace. When a business has a healthy pipeline of leads, it demonstrates that there is demand for its products or services.

1. Create Content Giveaway / Lead Magnet: Attract Leads to Build Value

Lead Magnet means to attract your audience with something valuable and lead them to your destination, which, in your case, is to your text & email list.

Your audience will usually find you because they’re either struggling with a problem and are actively seeking out information, or they come across your information and realize your lead magnet speaks to them and they want more information.

A content giveaway / lead magnet is something you give away for free when someone gives you their contact info (text #, email address). Create a lead magnet that would attract your ideal customer and provide value.

The fastest way to create something really quickly is through information products. They’re the fastest kind of product to create, and they’re done in such a way that gives you authority in your market.

These are typically information products that contain useful information for your target audience.
The Content Giveaway's can be:
Single Page pdf
Multiple Page pdf
Book (pdf and Hard Copy)
Info Webinar
Info Seminar

The reason we create lead magnets, is to build value for your prospects. When they receive value from you for free, they’re more likely to seek out more information from you, meaning they’re more likely to trust you enough to buy from you.

2. Landing Page: Exchange Value to Build Text & Email List

A landing page is a web page where you exchange your lead magnet for a text and email address. You’re offering something valuable enough that your prospective customers are willing to trade their contact info for
(understanding they will be contacted by you in the future.)

You want their contact info so you can communicate with them, and they want your Content Giveaway. That’s what you are trading here... you are bartering. Everything that happens inside of a lead funnel is an exchange.

The Money Is in the List. To really appreciate the importance of a landing page, it’s crucial you understand marketing in business: the money is in the list. Plain and simple. For whatever reason, most business owners & entrepreneurs think that the value of their business is in the product they created or even in themselves as the expert leader. But that’s not true.

The only actual asset inside of your business is your customer list.

3. Thank You Page: Fulfill Promise, Build Trust

On the thank you page, you build trust with your prospective customers by giving them what you said you’d give them. You fulfill on your promise. The link to the content giveaway is sent via text and email.

Your prospect's trust in you would go up exponentially because they received value from you, and they would be more willing to purchase your products/services.

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